The Urban Harbors Institute (UHI) is part of the University of Massachusetts Boston and is therefore able to bring a well-rounded and academic approach to providing expert advice on environmental problems and issues. UHI offers technical assistance and advisory services in fields such as urban planning, coastal and harbor planning, natural resource management, marine industry master planning, water transportation and geographical information systems. Additionally, UHI undertakes meeting facilitation and conference and workshop coordination.

While our focus is on urban marine and watershed issues in New England, we have worked with governments, non-government organizations and marine industry representatives from around the US, and internationally from countries in eastern and western Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Through each successive project, UHI endeavors not only to deliver superior quality products but also to advance the art of marine and coastal management and problem-solving. As a non-profit organization, UHI distinguishes itself by its demonstrated dedication to marine and coastal issues, and its ability to draw on the expertise of the university community.



UHI recently completed a study looking at the economical, environmental, regulatory, and functional aspects of conservation moorings. The report, funded by the Massachusetts Bay Program and The Nature Conservancy is available on our publications page.

UHI, in collaboration with the Land Use Law Center at Pace University, is working to develop a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan for the Town of Southampton, NY.

UHI, in collaboration with the Center for Economic and Environmental Development at Roger Williams University and the UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station, developed a shellfish management plan for the Town of Nantucket. The Plan is available on our publications page.

The final report of the 2010 Massachusetts Recreational Boater Survey is now available on our publications page.


Last modified: February 1, 2013